Welcome to Coffee at Kayla’s. I’m Kayla, a girl with the desire to provide an escape from daily matters for individuals who just want a few minutes to get away. Any person who enjoys reading, sarcasm, and laughs will find a home at Coffee at Kayla’s.

Kayla (Your Author):

  • 22 year old Journalism and Political Science University graduate
  • Avid Reader
  • Food Fanatic
  • Sarcasm Advocate
  • Sports Enthusiast

Coffee at Kayla’s (The Blog):

  • Est. December 2014
  • Originally The Trials & Troubles of This Average College Girl
  • Focuses on the college experience and, in general, lifestyle tricks, tips, and stories to relate to others
  • Contains my thoughts, ideas, advice, and stories

The Trials and Troubles of This Average College Girl was renamed Coffee at Kayla’s in order to established a comfortable feel amongst the site. Just like at a typical coffee shop feel, individuals are encouraged to comment, share pages, and more. To get more involved or leave blog post ideas head over to Social You, Social Me, where you can reach out through different social media platforms.

Happy Readings!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Kayla,
    I love how you clarified the transition of your blog titles to now. It shows how much you have grown as a person to be taking huge steps in your life to become an adult. I love blogs where the writers are open and honest with their readers and are not afraid to show their vulnerability and you’ve done just that. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Kayla, I loved reading your blog posts! You have such great creativity and all of your posts are very interesting and entertaining. Hope the rest of your college experiences continue to enlighten others!


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